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🀝 Fast and affordable online legal advice

When you're unwell, you don't seek out a specialist right away - most of the time your GP is a great first port of call. Our online legal consultations are similar: if your legal problem is common and straightforward, we'll probably be able to give you some actionable advice right away. And if your legal problem is really gnarly or risky then we can help you work out how to get the answers you need.

Our legal practice is entirely online. That makes us easier to contact than a typical law firm, and we're much more affordable too. Our consultations start from $99 for written advice only and $180 for written advice with a half-hour call with a lawyer.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό Experienced New Zealand lawyers

You don't see many general practice lawyers under 50 these days. A new lawyer's hardly a year out of law school, and they're already neck deep in obscure areas of practice like wet aircraft leasing or breaking little bits of big companies off and selling them to other big companies.

In contrast, we're unashamed generalists. Like lawyers from the good old days, we'll try to help you with almost any kind of legal problem. Unlike lawyers from the good old days, we don't keep an ashtray in the office and won't hide green fees on your bill as a disbursement.

Tyrone-Jay Barugh | director | he/him
LLM, LLB, BCom. Admitted to practice in New Zealand and New South Wales, Australia

Most of my practice involves helping people solve everyday legal problems. That means things like:

  • advising landlords on their responsibilities and helping tenants understand and enforce their rights;

  • helping charities document sponsorship arrangements and register trademarks;

  • keeping small business owners trying to do the right thing on the right side of employment law.

Some of my work is more complex. Some recent experience includes:

  • New Zealand regulatory advice for an international life sciences company;

  • legal risk analysis for a novel construction product proposed to be sold in New Zealand;

  • advising (as an in-house counsel) on a $100+ million government IT project and advising on the establishment of a trans-Tasman satellite-based augmentation network to improve the accuracy of GPS positioning.

I've also dabbled in unusual areas of the law:

  • fighting the Wellington City Council to get clarity on long-forgotten legislation that likely made it unlawful to sell cow's milk within the city;

  • uncovering a mistake by Australian aviation officials which inadvertently caused thousands of unsuspecting passengers to commit a minor crime.